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We study, research, design and manufacture advantageous solutions for doctors to use while practising their profession. These items are ideal for use by the pharmaceutical industry to promote their products

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Working areas

For over 40 years, we have been successfully producing slide-rules, small medical instruments, and products designed to strengthen brand awareness as well as solutions for primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging.


Small diagnostic instruments for doctors

Brand awareness solutions

Primary and secondary packaging solutions


It is an established fact that slide-rules featuring information such as formulas, or dosage calculations or posologies, as well as data sheets and medical-scientific content tables, are useful and versatile tools for doctors.
In the early nineteen-seventies, Levetta was established as a slide-rule manufacturer and today these items still constitute a substantial part of our work.
Pocket-sized, made from PVC or cardboard, slide-rules are the ideal media solution for highlighting doses, therapeutic indications and medically relevant mathematical formulas. Slide-rules are particularly suited to customisation.

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Small instrumentation for doctors

During more than 40 years in business, Levetta has developed a wide range of small instruments which prove useful for both general physicians and specialist doctors.
Calipers, audiometers, valgus-varus gauges, orchidometers, portable diaphanoscopes and various types of height measuring devices are just some examples of the products we offer.
In the field of ophthalmology, we produce eye charts and optotypes for both near and distance positioning, as well as the major visual tests.

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Brand awareness solutions

We offer a multitude of solutions, from pocket-size to larger items suitable for display on a doctor’s desk, made from card or other media materials.
Kits with post-its, page markers, small interactive displays, and consumables for physicians, medical staff and medical clinics. We also have a wide range of pen torches for tongue depressors, new-generation highlighters and medical pens which can all be produced with our brand new patented and customisable methods in a variety of shapes including excellent four-colour printing.
All of our solutions are copyrighted or patent-protected to ensure uniqueness and originality for our clients.

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Primary and secondary packaging solutions

In addition to the innovative Levetta drop measurer and paper packaging with integrated slide-rules, we also have vial opener protecters and medical dispensers which are just some of our “Primary or Secondary Packaging” solutions used by well-known national and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

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Company Profile

Levetta, more than 40 years of experience


The Levetta Group was established in the mid-70s, under the Medical supervision of Professor Carlo Maffei, paediatrician, university lecturer in paediatrics and respiratory diseases specialist.


At Levetta, the distinguishing feature that sets us apart from other communication agencies is that we only design and manufacture our own products, closely following all of the production phases, from printing centres to packaging, with the cooperation of selected suppliers.


We are consistent in the speed with which we realise projects, the quality of our production and the punctuality of our deliveries.
All of our products are copyrighted or patent-protected to ensure uniqueness and originality for our clients.

Levetta’s policy, has the dual goal of meeting the specific marketing needs of it’s clientele while offering a useful service to the end user.

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